Our story

Together with medical doctors, leading scientists and patients we developed the first probiotics line that can be personalized to your symptoms and lifestyle.



  • We hold our manufacturing partners to the highest standards. Our probiotics are manufactured and tested to ensure the best outcomes possible
  • The best delivery mechanism possible. Only probiotics that reach your gut alive are good probiotics
  • Our probiotics are guaranteed vegetarian and free from GMO and allergens
  • We are always transparent about all ingredients and manufacturing processes
  • We take your privacy very serious. We will never sell or give away your personal data without your specific consent.
  • Read everything about „Why which strains for whom“.



  • We always stay on top of research to make sure that our products are the best we can make
  • Have a look at our articles about the latest research about gut and overall health as well as our tools for self assessment. (Learn more)
  • Our first priority is to help you. We want you to get better. Read our story below to find out more!



At the end of 2015, the founders of HiDoc / Cara came together to improve the life of those suffering from digestive health issues with the help of digital technology. Many sufferer of food intolerance, IBS, GERD or IBD find that they get insufficient support from the current medical system. A lot more can be done for them using digital technologies!

We, a team of medical doctors and tech experts, first developed the app Cara, an elegant food and symptom diary, designed to solve two major problems: It provides an easy way to keep track of your nutrition, lifestyle and symptoms, and helps to get insights into the potential causes of those symptoms. Currently available for the Apple iPhone, Cara has been featured multiple times on Apple’s App Store and is loved by its users for the ease of use, effectiveness and possibility to personalize it to your needs.


Throughout our journey, we have been supported by leading scientists in digestive health from excellent research universities. Cara Biotics, the first probiotics tailored to your symptoms and lifestyle, was born out of this collaboration.

Cara Biotics goes hand in hand with the Cara App. After a first assessment that will ask you about your symptoms and general health, we recommend the Cara Biotics Starter Kit that will work best for you. Using the Cara App, you can carefully monitor your symptom response to the treatment, alongside nutrition and lifestyle. Building on this data we can improve the personal probiotics formula every month — to give you the best personalized probiotics.

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