Your gut flora is diverse and complex

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How Cara works

Over 900 million people on this planet suffer from digestive issues, for example in the form of IBS, the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBDs, Inflammable Bowel Diseases. One essential part of „digestion“ is the microbiome – the bacteria each and every human being has in his or her gut. It actually amounts to nothing less than 2 lbs to 6 lbs (1 to 3 kg), and they outnumber our bodies cells 10 to 1. Most of them we need to live, but some of them are bad for us and cause unpleasant symptoms.

Recent studies show that understanding their overall composition is the key to treating digestive illnesses as well as general health.

The little helpers in your gut are incredibly diverse. And they help you in many ways. They

  • utilize food and help to digest dietary fiber,
  • synthesize vital vitamins,
  • produce fatty acids as a source of energy for your body,
  • support the intestinal peristalsis,
  • stimulate the immune system,
  • eliminate germs and
  • much, much more.

This is what your microbiome looks like


In the case of many people suffering from digestive health problems, the gut flora (microbiome) is out of balance. And with that the microbiome’s functionality is impaired.

What makes this really interesting is that everyone’s microbiome is different – it consists of different bacterial strains in different amounts. It is in fact so individual, you could think of it as a fingerprint.

Which is exactly why one-size-fits-all approaches should not be utilized when it comes to revitalising your microbiome. The microbiome is not only very complex as it will always mirror your lifestyle and wellbeing, it’s also very delicate.

Why even good probiotics can fail

So the ideal treatment for digestive problems has to be determined based on two important pieces of data

  • How your symptoms are caused by the current imbalance of your microbiome
  • Which bacterial strains can help you to reduce these symptoms and get a healthy microbiome

Without data about your symptoms as well as your everyday habits, neither of these two can be properly known, and the usual one-size-fits-all probiotics will just give you a number of standard strains in the hope that they will make things better. That’s like a doctor giving you a prescription without properly assessing your condition first. You wouldn’t trust such a doctor, would you?

Introducing Cara

Cara Biotics is different. We developed the Cara App specially for people with all kinds of digestive problems to track their symptoms and everything that’s related to them. This makes the Cara App the most powerful tool to understand what’s going on in your bowels.

By using the Cara App the Cara algorithms know how your symptoms evolve and can adjust the probiotic formula.

Cara can understand how your microbiome affects your symptoms

Cara can take into account what you eat, what your typical symptoms are, and much much more that’s only limited by what you track in our app.

These factors have a big influence on what your ideal microbiome should be. Not everyone is equal, so not everyone needs the same bacteria in the same amounts in their microbiome.

Cara knows which bacterial strains are helpful

After knowing where the journey should go, Cara will see how your microbiome is adjusting with every bottle of Cara Biotics you take. Using your symptoms and all other factors you track in the Cara App, we can make an up to date estimate if your microbiome is evolving in a healthy direction.

For best results, track every day

So use the Cara App every day to get best results. It does not take long, our app is very easy to use as shown by the many thousands of happy users. As an added benefit, you will get insights into your lifestyle and eating habits that you might never have had before, and even identify food or certain other factors that worsen your symptoms on their own.

But don’t worry, if you forget to track for one or two days, our algorithms are smart enough to work with the remainder of the data. Just remember, the more you track, the better your probiotics will get.

The longer you use Cara Biotics, the better the formula will adapt to you.


Each new batch will tweak the formula for you. And each time, Cara can learn more about your microbiome and your body’s reaction. The result: Cara Biotics will be more adapted to your own situation every month.

When you order your Cara Biotics, we will ask you some questions in the first assessment. Using these questions, we can already find out some characteristics about your symptoms, lifestyle and eating habits. Understanding your symptoms tells a lot about the composition of your gut microbiome, especially the common symptoms of

  • Diarrhea,
  • Constipation,
  • Pain and Bloating.

Knowing this helps us to send you a first formula of probiotics that works well for you, and has the best chance of improving your symptoms.

After you receive your first batch of probiotics, you should take them according to the directions (usually one tablet every day). But so that we can do our magic, don’t forget to track how you feel every day using the Cara App.

If you check out the Cara App, you will see that it leaves you a great degree of freedom over what you can track. What is really important is that from your first day of taking Cara Biotics, you track:

  • your stool (according to the Bristol Stool Scale),
  • your pain and bloating,
  • and any other symptoms you might experience.

As your microbiome changes with the intake of the probiotics, your symptoms will change. This allows Cara to understand the reaction of your microbiome to the Cara Biotics you take. Thanks to our data from thousands of users similar to you, Cara can see how the strains of bacteria should be adjusted in your next batch of Cara Biotics.

But Cara also allows you to track a lot more than this:

  • your food,
  • stress,
  • period,
  • other medications and supplements you are taking,
  • sleep,
  • and a lot more. We add new tracking categories to our app very regularly.

If you suspect any of these categories have an influence on your symptoms, you should ideally track those in Cara as well. Because if you do, Cara can also take into account the effect of these factors on your symptoms and microbiome, and can make much more accurate predictions about the best formula that will work for you.

After each month, using state of the art machine learning technologies, Cara will compute the best formula possible for your next batch of probiotics.

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