Why over 2lbs of bacteria are living in your gut

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Try to wrap your head around this: Right now there are around 2 to 6 lbs (1 to 3 kg) of bacteria in your gut. Most of them we need to live, but some of them are bad for us.

Recent studies show that understanding their overall composition is key to treating diseases!

These little helpers’ chores are incredibly diverse! They

  • utilize food and help to digest dietary fiber,
  • synthesize vital vitamins,
  • produce fatty acids as a source of energy for the cells in the bowel mucosa,
  • support the intestinal peristalsis,
  • stimulate the immune system,
  • eliminate germs and
  • much, much more.

In the case of many people suffering from digestive health problems, the gut flora (microbiome) is out of balance. And with that the microbiome’s functionality is impaired.

Imagine a beehive where some of the bees just do not want to help the population to thrive. The whole beehive is going to suffer as a consequence.

Recent research has shown that an impaired functionality of the microbiome is also associated with diseases such as obesity or Alzheimer’s.

How can you get your microbiome in balance?

An interesting question is how we can influence the overall composition of our gut flora and with that its harmony and functionality.

In order to normalize an out-of-balance gut flora, besides dietary changes, probiotics are a very efficient tool. Probiotics are in essence living bacteria that eliminate bad bacteria and enable the good ones to settle in your gut again. If you want to get an overview about the different bacterial strains you might want to check our science section.

Requirements for a probiotic to work:

  • Appropriate bacteria for respective symptoms
  • High number of bacteria (at least 50 billion colony forming units)
  • Bacteria have to be protected from gastric acid

The last one is also why probiotics like yoghurt do not work – the bacteria are pretty much … well, dead before they reach your gut. Your stomach is just too effective.

If you want to find out which bacterial strains can help your unique symptoms, try our Gut health assessment. Just go to www.carabiotics.com and click “Get started” to understand your symptoms and find out which formula of Cara Biotics works best for you!

Have a tummytastic day!

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