Probiotic foods – What foods have probiotics?

Probiotic foods promote your health naturally by containing probiotics which are live bacterial cultures. Researchers are currently exploring their ability to help improve symptoms of various [...]

Prebiotics – What makes them different from Probiotics?

One of the most underappreciated topics in nutrition is prebiotics. While vitamins and other nutrients are covered in hundreds of books and articles, prebiotics are hardly mentioned. While many [...]

Benefits of probiotics – which beneficial effects can I expect?

You can expect to experience a range of beneficial effects on your health by taking probiotics in the form of yogurts, kombucha, capsules or as a powder. The desired effects include improved [...]

Side effects of probiotics – are probiotics safe?

There is a new big trend in dietary supplements: probiotics. Stoked by more and more people paying attention to their health, you see many new products entering the market. Big brands and [...]

Why over 2lbs of bacteria are living in your gut

Try to wrap your head around this: Right now there are around 2 to 6 lbs (1 to 3 kg) of bacteria in your gut. Most of them we need to live, but some of them are bad for us. Recent studies show [...]