Custom probiotics for your
gut health
and no one else’s

Doctors’ recommended probiotics in patented gastric-acid resistant capsules — tailored to you.

Effortlessly effective and safe.

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Backed by Science

  • "Cara combines promising concepts in order to improve stomach health. Great!"

    Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer
    Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer, medical director at the Israelitic Hospital in Hamburg, member of the advisory board at German Society for Digestive and Metabolic Diseases, first author of the German Consensus Guidelines on IBS
  • "As a doctor, I only have a few minutes for each patient but some patients suffer 24/7 from their chronic digestive disorders. Cara offers valuable support."

    Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer
    Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf, TV- and Online Doctor
  • "Dietary change can reduce patients' symptoms. This app unites everything you need to know."

    Dr. med. Viola Andresen, Msc.
    Dr. med. Viola Andresen, Msc. Dr. med. Viola Andersen, Msc., specialist in internal medicine at the Israelitic Hospital in Hamburg, head of the nutrition team, member of the Rome IV Committee of the Rome Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • "Cara is awesome. I wish this kind of product would have existed for patients before."

    Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth
    Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth, medical director of the medical center and head of internal medicine II at Klinikum Brandenburg
  • "Stomach and mind are more connected than one would think. Cara helps to understand this interrelation better."

    Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Christina Rosenberger
    Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Christina Rosenberger Psychological psychotherapist, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, co-author of the German consensus guidelines on IBS
  • "Our gut is as important as our brain or heart, yet we know very little about how it works. Keeping a food and symptom diary can help you to understand its signs and help to cooperate with it better."

    Giulia Enders, MD
    Giulia Enders, MD Medical Doctor and author of the international bestseller GUT

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How we personalize your probiotics

1. Receive starter kit

1. Receive starter kit

Take initial free assessment and receive your first batch of individualized probiotics.

2. Track with Cara

2. Track with Cara

Track your nutrition and how you feel in the Cara app while taking your Cara Biotics.

3. Get personalized probiotics

3. Get personalized probiotics

Cara computes the ideal formula for your next batch of Cara Biotics on your way to excellent gut health.

Curious how Cara can improve your individual gut flora?

Cara Biotics and the Cara app:
a perfect team

Cara Biotics has been designed to harness the power of our free digital gut health assistant Cara. Measure the efficacy of your probiotics, alongside your nutrition and improvements in your gut health. With this data Cara can adjust the probiotic formula so it is truly personalized to your needs. Cara will help you reveal patterns between your nutrition, behavior and gut health to get back in control of your gut.

Good for you and your wallet

On top of being tailored to you, Cara Biotics saves you 30% compared to manually getting a similar composition from separate vendors. Price comparison is tricky — between bottle sizes and dosages, calculating real monthly costs is hard. So we did the math to help. And remember: By ordering personalized probiotics, you get the bacterial strains that you actually need in the maximum density.

Check out an example:


Mary’s formula from Cara vs. a similar formula by manually combining branded probiotics.


Formulas included:

Lactobacillus ramnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium breve, Saccharomyces boulardii

Mary’s Formula Cara Biotics Other Brands
L. ramnosus 15 Billion included 10
L. plantarum 10 Billion included 10
B. infantis 10 Billion included 1
S. Bouldardii 5 Billion included 5
B. breve 10 Billion included
$49 /month $72 /month

Start your free gut health assessment and get your recommended Starter Kit.

We only use the best
high-quality, allergen-free probiotics

Scientific Evidence


Learn more about the science behind Cara. Get to know more about

  • our expertise,
  • the bacterial strains we are using, and
  • our manufacturing process.

Manufactured in the U.S. by the world's leading laboratories

We have partnered with the world’s leading laboratories to manufacture researched and guaranteed hypoallergenic probiotics in certified U.S. facilities.

Patented acid-resistent capsule technology

We are proud to use the technology from the world’s best capsule producer. Thus we can ensure that the probiotics reach your gut and do their work.

High probiotic potency independently tested

Independent lab testing has proven that every Cara Biotics capsule contains the advertised high potency of at least 50 billion CFU.

Why Cara Biotics?

Probiotics customized to you

The only probiotics tailored to your individual gut flora.

Researched and allergen-free strains

All bacterial strains in our probiotics are scientifically researched and guaranteed free from allergens.

Personalization with the Cara app

With our free app, Cara, you measure the efficacy of your probiotics and keep track of your diet and lifestyle. This enables Cara to adjust your individual Cara Biotics formula.

Initiated by people who care

  • "We are a team of medical doctors, psychologists and data scientists, passionate about creating new therapeutic options for people with digestive issues. Every person should be treated according to what works best for him or her. With Cara Biotics – personalized probiotics that fit your needs – and our digital gut health assistant Cara we are convinced to be able to help you." Read more …

    André Sommer, MD
    André Sommer, MD Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cara